ByteMe Phone Spy was suspended from the google play store due to a misunderstanding of application functionality (and possibly because of the inclusion of 'spy' in the name).
ByteMe is NOT spyware; I apologize for the inconvenience. I have now republished the app as ByteMe Phone Locator. If you already have the pro version of ByteMe Phone Spy installed you will be automatically upgraded when you install the new app. After that you can uninstall the old version and you will once again be hooked up to the play store for upgrades.

ByteMe phone locator can find your phone
so you don't have to remember where you left it.

No one likes to lose their phone, or think that their phone has been stolen...

How Does it Work?

ByteMe Phone spy works by scanning your incoming SMS (text) messages looking for specific codes that you define. If the message contains one of your codes, ByteMe initates the appropriate action, otherwise it simply ignores the message. You don't need to worry about Byteme using up your battery either, because it only runs when you receive a text message. When you first install ByteMe you go into settings and set up your custom activation codes:

What if I've already lost my phone?

You can install remotely. Just navigate to google play; click install after logging in. ByteMe will install remotely and all you have to do is send your phone one of the default activation codes: 'byteme.find', or 'byteme.locate' *assumes your battery is not dead, your phone is turned on, and it is within range of a cell tower...

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